Introducing Our First Sci-Fi Special Issue For The iPad

Introducing Our First Sci-Fi Special Issue For The iPad

We love science fiction right here at Popular Science. Many of the actual-life improvements and advances that fill our pages each month, in reality, began as pie-in-the-sky concepts born by individuals considering creatively about a greater future. These visions solely get extra vivid, the tales extra stimulating and progressive, as we craft every new problem.

So at present we current one thing additional-particular, referred to as Dispatches From The Future: a whole digital problem full of greater than one hundred pages of superior science fiction and designed for the iPad. You can obtain a replica from iTunes right here.

Our crown jewel on this version is the primary-ever graphic novel adaptation of the Isaac Asimov basic Nightfall, full with animations. Also included are superb brief tales by award-profitable sci-fi authors Will McIntosh, Ann Leckie, and Seanan McGuire. Finally, we have folded in collections of unique science fiction we produced in 2013 and 2014, which function a few of the brightest minds within the area musing how we’ll reside—on Earth and past—within the many years and centuries to return.

We’re publishing excerpts of Dispatches From The Future right here to provide you a style of the difficulty. So hold checking again right here for extra over the subsequent week—should you can wait that lengthy!

“The Defenders” by Will McIntosh

Twenty-eight years in the past, humanity was virtually worn out by invaders referred to as Luyten. But human-created synthetic intelligence saved people within the nick of time. Now, after many years of self-imposed exile in Australia, the A.I. defenders are permitting a couple of people to go to. The human ambassadors do not know what’s in retailer. [Click to read an excerpt]

“Night’s Slow Poison” by Ann Leckie

Many worlds away, Inarakhat Kels paces the halls and corridors aboard an interstellar cargo ship on a six-month journey between planets. He and the opposite members of his safety watch hold looking out for treacherous spies, dangerous know-how, and anything which may put the ship and its inhabitants susceptible to destruction. On this specific journey, a gathering with a peculiar traveller forces him to confront the reminiscences of the house-planet he deserted way back, and of a misplaced-love he was pressured to go away behind. [Excerpt coming soon]

“The Tolling of Pavlov’s Bells” by Seanan McGuire

Dr. Diana Weston is a virologist and a bestselling writer, with a penchant for writing medical thrillers about catastrophic illness outbreaks. But beneath her engaging smile and sharp wit lies a troubled psyche. When the fictional plots she pens begin displaying up in the actual world, the darkish aspect to her life begins to return out of the shadows. [Excerpt coming soon]

“Nightfall” by Isaac Asimov

The scientists of Saro University have predicted civilization’s impending doom, brought on by the extinguishing of the planet’s final mild-giving star in simply 4 hours. But some are skeptical that the Darkness could have the impact that the scientists anticipate, so a younger journalist has come to hunt the reality. His surprising discovery is a narrative for the ages. [Excerpt coming soon]

Download our whole Dispatches From The Future particular problem for the iPad from iTunes.

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Introducing Our First Sci-Fi Special Issue For The iPad